Welcome to All

Dear Fellow Singers

Welcome to all new and returning participants of Hamilton Sings Community Choir. Our mandate is to provide a nurturing, open, community based environment for that most estimable activity – singing! Our vocalists have a broad range of singing experience, from professional to utter amateur and we’re all welcome here, in this oasis of musical calm every Saturday morning. So glad to have you with us. Now, just a few details about how things work around here:

  1. Please be on time. Plan on a 9:45 a.m arrival, so you can check in at the front desk, have a chat with your new friends, and settle into a chair for rehearsal start at 10:00 sharp.
  2. Bring a non-spillable water bottle to keep those vocal chords well hydrated and dress in layers in case you get too hot or too cold – that big old church is drafty.
  3. Pack a pair of dry shoes for wet days. There’s room at the entrance to store your wet foot ware. Thanks in advance from HARRRP’s custodial crew.
  4. Fundraising is an on-going activity for us here and we do hope you can lend a hand. We’ll be discussing ideas so please feel free to add yours – group intelligence is a wondrous thing.
  5. Term fees are pay what you can – suggested amount is $150/term but we don’t want to see anyone not participate due to need. We accept cheques or cash at rehearsals or you can send an e-transfer to treasurer.hamiltonsings@gmail.com. Anything that you can contribute is good. We keep a hat at the front desk – feel free to feed it a little something when you can.
  6. Keep in mind that due to copyright, all sheet music given to you is for your use only and needs to be returned at the term’s conclusion. In addition, please be advised you have plenty of company if you don’t know how to read music. Stay comfortable friend.
  7. As a valuable learning aid, voice files of our tunes are posted on our member’s only page at hamiltonsings.ca. Listening to your part a few times a week between rehearsals is a fabulous way to internalize the tunes so we can take more time to “shape” the songs at our rehearsals. Please ask for the password this Saturday.
  8. You must have fun, fun, fun. This is non-negotiable.

IMPORTANT! We meet this Saturday September 21st not at HARRRP but at Delta United Church, in their Memory Room, 47 Ottawa Street South, enter at the Maple Avenue door.

Speaking for myself, I look forward to another interesting term with a pack of people wise enough to experience song and each other, rather than lining up at a retail store somewhere. You guys are the best.

Warm regards to all!

Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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