Welcome to Hamilton Sings

Dear Fellow Songsters

Welcome to Hamilton Sings, our fair city’s ultimate non-audition community choir. Though our repertoire is global, our focus is definitely local because you guys are the lifeblood of this endeavor. Both new and returning choristers are encouraged to have fun! fun! fun! while spending a few precious hours Saturday mornings immersed in song and each other. Listen up while I explain how things work around here:

Rehearsal Decorum. Please be on time. If you arrive by 9:45, you’ll have a chance to chat with your new friends before we get underway at 10 sharp. We generally take a 10 minute break at 11:00. Make sure your shoes are dry, and bring a refillable, non-spill container of water so your tender vocal chords remain wet.

Sheet Music. Returning members will already have a package distributed in September – if you’re taking this term off, please get the music back to us so we can avoid excessive printing costs and save a few trees. New members will receive a package and are advised to invest in a noise-muffling folder, preferably black. The dollar store sells them for $1.99.

Musical Direction. Our choir leaders are Sue Connolly (proprietor of Claim Your Voice Studios) and Hanna Mathieson (voice teacher, performer). Both these ladies bring considerable expertise to our choir and we’re lucky to have them. If you’re unsure about your “voice” or section of the choir your suited for, feel free to ask Hanna for an assessment. Additionally, keep your eyes glued to them while they direct the choir so we sound unified rather than like a flock of crows.

Volunteers. As we are a community, our mutual success depends on the energy you yourself lend to this activity. Volunteers are needed to perform a number of tasks such as front desk, library, administration, fund-raising, advertising, concert organization, etc. The commitment is not onerous and there is always a gaggle of people to lend a hand to someone that stands up. It’s really quite amazing the synergy that occurs when a bunch of people lend a hand together. Stand up, step up, get up – you’ll be better for it!

Money. Makes the world go round apparently though speaking as a cheapskate, I think it’s over-rated. Let’s just call it a necessary evil. The choir depends utterly on your largesse and deeply appreciates your material assistance. Bean-counters far brighter than I am have determined that if all choristers were to contribute $175 for the term, we’d be in a fairly sound financial position with the assistance of some fundraising activities. The math works out to just over $10/Saturday morning this term. That’s a pretty fine deal! Feel free to drop your contribution in the hat at the front desk anytime. Remember that we understand money can be tight – so do what you can. And if you’re a wealthy patron – bring it on!

It’s common knowledge that meditation reduces blood pressure however did you know that singing in a group does the same thing? Looking forward to doing my favourite Zen activity with you guys tomorrow.


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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