Welcome choristers new and seasoned!

Last Saturday everyone sounded great and had some fun. We sang harmonies, learned a little ditty in 7/8 time named The River is Flowing by Diana Hildebrand Hull and River Chants. We went over one of Piper’s songs and started a Buffy Saint Marie song.

Here are a couple of versions you can check out:

Private members page: A fabulous resource for members is our private members page at hamiltonsings.ca You’ll find voice tracks, performance videos, links to youtube music pieces and lyric sheets, all designed as an aid to your success with home practice. Password is in your email.

PLEASE keep in mind that this is for your use only and to be shared with others. Copyright restrictions again. . ..

Well-being: If you’re feeling poorly please stay home. Quoting music director Hanna, “We want to share music, not colds, flus and Covid.” Wise words.

Sheet music: Keep it organized and arranged in a binder. Due to copyright requirements, you must return sheet music at the end of term. If you would like to annotate, please use a pencil so all markings can be erased and the music is presentable for another possible term.

New and befuddled with our program? Fear not! Many of our choristers have several years of participation and would be pleased to lend a guiding hand if you’re new and feeling lost. A “choir buddy” can also fill you in on a missed rehearsal and keep you up-to-date on all things choir.

Not sure of your voice section (soprano, alto, tenor or bass)? Hanna has offered to assess your voice before rehearsal start, just email hannabechmusic@gmail.com to set it up.

Section seating: Though we have yet to sing in 4-part harmony, it would be good if everyone could seat themselves according to their voice. Traditionally, from left to right, soprano, alto, tenor, then bass. Also, if people could avoid using the front pew beside the entrance so as to avoid overcrowding the check-in area.

Hydration: Singing is a physical endeavour like jogging, so don’t forget to bring a non-spill water container for the sake of that most important of instruments – your voice.

As always, we welcome your opinions, constructive advice, and active participation. Hamilton Sings! aspires to mirror the best of the Hamilton community in all its glorious variety. Drop us a line at hamiltonsings@gmail.com anytime.

See you Saturday!


Brenda Atkinson

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