We’re Back!

Hello Choristers

The fall 2021 Zoom choral sessions will commence on Saturday September 18th at 10 am. If you intend to participate and/or would like to continue receiving these weekly updates – YOU MUST REGISTER for this upcoming session, otherwise you’ll get punted to the Alumni list so we don’t annoy you too often with our emails. The registration page is easily found on our web site, www.hamiltonsings.ca, and we’ll make it even easier – just hit this link: http://hamiltonsings.ca/join/

As always, we ask that you contribute $150 (or PWYC) to fund our operations upon registration. An e-transfer can be sent to treasurer.hamiltonsings@gmail.com or you can be 19th century about it and mail a cheque to 55 Paisley Avenue North, Hamilton, L8S 4G7. These funds allow for professional level music instruction and associated choir expenses. Like all community choirs, the pandemic has imposed serious limitations on our financial health and your contribution is needed. If the fees seem beyond you, you can alternatively contribute on an on-going basis. . . . Say $25 every couple of weeks throughout the term? Additionally, you could throw your considerable power into a fundraising effort by joining the fundraising committee. On that note. . . .we will be engaging in our now traditional blueberries fundraiser mid to late October – more details on that soon however in the meantime, if you’ve got a real winner of a blueberry recipe – share it with us and we’ll include it in a future update.

Though saddened by the departure of Sue Crowe Connolly (founder) and Hanna Bech Mathieson, we know you’ll welcome new music leaders Emma Colette Moss and Piper Hayes.

Emma and Piper bring a dynamic combination of skills and personality to our community. You can read all about it yourself here:  http://hamiltonsings.ca/music-leaders/

And, despite the limitations imposed on in person singing, we CAN see each other and meet our new directors in the flesh Saturday September 11th at 11 am at the Gage Park band shell, weather permitting. Feel free to bring snacks to share and be prepared to wear a mask if our numbers get dense or for sheer safety’s sake. Speaking for myself, as a fully vaccinated individual, I’m feeling considerably safer than a few months ago, and am looking forward to a social!!!!!

In addition to the change in music direction leadership, the Hamilton Sings board has seen a few changes. Our heartfelt thanks to all directors coming and going, your energy keeps us intact, especially in these challenging times. Here’s the list and associated titles of the current board:

  • Eric Matto, President & Chair
  • Tom Ciancone, Treasurer
  • Marija Kupina, Secretary
  • Denise Bedell, Director
  • Andrea Kurzfield, Director
  • Taylor Connolly, Director
  • Bill Nesbitt, Director
  • Haley Reap, Director
  • Bob Edmonds, Director
  • Brenda Atkinson, Director

The directors also lead assorted committees such as fundraising, membership & communications, and various other activities. Would you like to get involved? We’re so glad you just said YES! Drop us a line at hamiltonsings@gmail.com and we’ll set you up.

We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you (register!!!!) and another term of music and community. Check out this fun link courtesy of fellow chorister Joy Dubbeld – the cyclist’s paradise found in the Netherlands erupts in song. . .  .here in Hamilton. Very cool.


Cheers all,

Brenda Atkinson


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