What’s a choir?

Greetings Fellow Songsters:

By now, many of you must already be aware of the many health benefits of singing and participating in a choir. Our group trilling chases away depression, lowers blood pressure, and increases lung capacity. However, it’s easy to forget the most important benefit – FUN! Yep, you and your co-singers are obliged to have a hoot every rehearsal. Don’t forget now.

Remember to keep your eyes on the ball – in this case the ball is either directors Hanna or Sue. There is a particular synergy of sound that comes from our work together and the directors can guide us towards a unified successful presentation. Avoid singing downward into your sheet music binder. Tone, enunciation, and volume are important details that direction can judge better than you because they’re not the ones singing. Duh.

Thanks to all who participated in the recent walkathon. Please get your pledge forms & funds to Tom (our hard-working Treasurer) as soon as possible. If you still have your term fees/donations sitting in your sock drawer, please try to get it to us shortly. We can’t manage the financial planning until we have the funds in hand. Check out the thermometer on the members page and make it overheat I say.

Be aware that if you like to park your automobile on the street beside the west side of the HARRRP building, there’s a 50% chance you’ve chosen the wrong side. Always double-check because parking tickets are oh so painful.

Saturday November 10th – stick around after our rehearsal and lend a hand organizing our sheet music archives. Our tireless.librarian Susan Noakes will appreciate an hour of your time and the more participants, the merrier the endeavor. With luck, someone will bring some cookies . . .

Saturday December 1st, 7pm, Concert and Bake Sale – concert theme is HYGGELIGT – a Danish term for “indulging the senses”. Jenny MacConell will lead the charge as concert coordinatior (thank you!) and a concert set list is in the works – more on that next week.

In closing, I’d like to share a choral joke I just googled:

Question: What’s a choir?

Answer: A group of people who’s singing allows everyone else to lip sync.

Heh. Love you guys.

Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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