Whoa man, I’m full!

Hey Singers

Well, we’ve all got something to look forward to at our Choral Connection November 21st, Covid-19 year 2020. Forced to be apart for the greater good, we get to come together virtually and enjoy the camaraderie inherent in making music together. Feast your eyes on the following banquet of tunes to be consumed tomorrow. At the end of it all you’ll burp gratefully and say “Whoa man, I’m full!”

1. God Bless the Grass Malvina Reynolds

2. Tula South African lullaby

3. The Song of Winter Alison Burns

4. All purpose break

5. Come Love Away (new parts, p.2) Brendan Taaffe

6. Shosholoza Ndebele Folk Song

originally from Zimbabwe, popularized in South Africa

7. Fire in Your heart Hanna Bech

8. Butterfly (melody review in Eb) Hanna Bech

Fun was had by all this past Monday evening at the 2nd session of Olivia Brown’s Rhythm Workshop. Participants brought out their spoons and chopsticks to test their chops. What a hoot! Mercifully, they were spared my cowbells as alas, I could not attend. 🙁

Mark your calendars for December 11th, 7pm (tentatively, time may change) for a live stream concert by our own Hanna Mathieson. Again, that’s Dec 11th, likely at 7:00 PM, full soundboard and lighting of a solo performance of mostly original works @ the Slough of Despond, on Twitch or Facebook
See ya tomorrow
Brenda Atkinson
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