Wild Blueberries

Dearest Fellow Trillers:

A hard deadline looms folks. The Wild Blueberries for Wild Choristers initiative is rapidly approaching its conclusion. You must get your order forms and funds to us no later than this coming Saturday’s rehearsal. Haley Reap, our indefatigable berry promoter and board member, will be on hand to collect your orders. Get your family, neighbours, colleagues, butcher, but especially baker, in line for a bag or two. Your muffins and smoothies will thank you for it.

Additionally, keep in mind that the berries come to us at the conclusion of November 2nd’s rehearsal. Bring an insulated bag, cooler, even newspapers work, to keep your blue orbs in peak condition. As a restaurant brat, I can tell you that even if they defrost somewhat in transport, you can re-freeze them safely. It’s the high protein items, like ground beef, that become dangerous if not handled properly. We’ll be opening our doors, hearts, and voices to a community singalong commencing at 11:15 that day so invite everyone to our own little happening. It’s a chance for fence sitters to perhaps make a decision to join us the following term – you gotta share the joy.

Hanna spoke to us last week regarding the attributes of folk music. As she is the music professional and I am a mere musical peasant, I thought I would take some time to research folk music in general. Google makes it abundantly clear that whatever culture you hail from, folk music is essentially defined as “music of the people”. It’s continually evolving, reflective of a particular community, time and place, and state of mind. It generally involves acoustic instruments and a non-classical approach to songwriting and arrangements. So I got to thinking, what would the folk song sound like that reflected the values of our community called Hamilton Sings? Send us your best guess – the winner gets a free bag of blueberries on us.

As always, may your sheet music be in order, your footware dry, and your heart full of joy for our special Saturday morning get togethers. You guys rock the house.

Warm regards,

Brenda Atkinson


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