A Winter Term Hybrid

Itching to get back to your favourite pastime and each other? After an analysis of the recent member survey results, a winter term hybrid has been created due to the uncertainties posed by that pesky virus that dominated our lives in 2020.

Our 2021 winter term will start at 10 am on Saturday January 23rd and proceed for 8 weeks up to and including March 13th, by way of Zoom virtual sessions. Towards the end of February a decision will be made to either take a break and meet again outdoors in early spring when weather?, lessening restrictions?, and vaccine availability? permits group gatherings? We know, too many question marks here. . . A realist could probably successfully argue that the more likely outcome is that we’ll continue with virtual sessions until May, but hope is a good thing.

As usual, we would like everyone who wishes to participate in the virtual sessions, as well as those who would like to continue receiving the weekly email updates, to register for the term on the Join The Choir page at hamiltonsings.ca. And as usual, we ask for a $75 (or pay what you can) contribution to support the costs of providing professional choral direction. You can send your contribution to treasurer.hamiltonsings@gmail.com by e-transfer or a cheque by mail to 87 Beechwood Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8L 2S7. An in-kind donation of your time as a volunteer for the necessary activities of the choir is good too! We could really use a fundraising committee right now. . . . Step up anytime – it’s your choir after all. Any additional concerns, questions, and comments can be sent to hamiltonsings@gmail.com

Music directors Sue Crowe Connolly and Hanna Bech Mathieson have got a great term planned. A few tidbits include Hanna polishing up your French singing accent and Sue leading us into the creative world of Edward Lear’s Nonsense Alphabet. Fun, fun, fun!

A workshop opportunity is also developing for sometime in March . . Sight Reading with Geoff Ball, a two session virtual event, cost is $25/person with a needed 10 person minimum commitment.

Many, many thanks going out to all of you who managed and participated in the member survey. Additionally, fellow chorister Bill Nesbitt deserves a special place in our hearts for his single-handed Christmas cookie drive. He not only baked ‘em, he delivered ‘em personally by way of his recumbent bicycle, and generated a much-needed $600 to choir finances. Rock on.

If you’re reading this notice and are unable to participate this term, please consider making a donation anyway to support our choir’s future. As we are now a registered charity, we can provide a charitable tax receipt that can help reduce the annual CRA sting at tax time. Take note that our tireless Treasurer, Tom Ciancone, will be sending out receipts for the 2020 tax year shortly by email.

One of the positive outcomes from the lockdown has been that many people have been forced to sit still at their desks and get their work done. Others have been pulling up their piano benches, including our own music conductor Hanna Bech Mathieson. Check out her latest effort below.

Cheers all,

Brenda Atkinson


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